Rauchvergnügen® is proud to offer you the first-ever German Engineered Cigar.

We create cigars that exceed the high standards we Germans expect from all of our technology products.
Designed to give you the ultimate smoking experience: exciting, precise, controlled, satisfying down to the smallest details. Cigars that demonstrate how German Engineered Cigars should be.
Created from pure Dominican tobacco, selected for ultimate precision in aroma, taste, and smoking performance.
Hand rolled by skilled craftsmen in our factory in the Dominican Republic, following highest German standards.

Quality controlled and packaged in Germany for your unconditional German Engineered Cigar experience.

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Rauchvergnügen ® »German Engineered Cigars« 2er Schachtel

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Rauchvergnügen ® »German Engineered Cigars« 2er Schachtel

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